About Sigma Validation

For more than three decades, SigmaValidation has provided a unique, computerized methodology for researchers to monitor and control data quality at its roots – the respondent input level.  Field services and sample providers are most likely doing everything in their power to produce the best research possible.  Unfortunately, there are sometimes issues like professional respondents and/or breakdowns in the data collection process that are often undetectable without a tool like Sigma.

In 1978, Sigma's proprietary validation technique was created in collaboration with General Foods (now Kraft/Mondelēz).  At that time, GF had identified data-corrupting respondent-level and field-level issues in their in-person research that were undetectable through traditional validation techniques.

GF/Kraft/Mondelēz worked closely with Sigma to develop its foundational program, the Duplicate Number® Search (DNS), which is a centralized database that tracks respondent participation across in-person market research studies, sample providers, research companies and end clients.  Sigma's Repeat Respondent Search (RRS) is a similar program for online research validation, developed based on input from the leading companies in the industry during Sigma’s 2007 Consortium concerning online research data quality.

Sigma Validation is the only independent, unbiased third-party specializing solely in research validation.  Sigma’s services have been regularly and successfully used for the past 30+ years by the leading research companies including Millward Brown, Added Value, TNS, Synovate, Ipsos, ACNielsen Bases and GfK.   The Sigma system is holistic – it tracks respondent participation across online and in-person methodologies.

For more information, or to learn how easy and effective it is to Sigma-Validate® your studies, please contact our Client Service Team.

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