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SigmaValidation's Duplicate Number® Search is a unique and powerful computerized tool for detecting respondents who do not meet a study's screening requirements, including professional respondents and fraudulence. Developed over 30 years ago for General Foods (now part of Kraft Foods/Mondelēz International), it is now used as a standard validation technique by many consumer product manufacturers, research suppliers and data collection agencies.

Why use the Duplicate Number® Search?

Over 30 years ago, General Foods (now Kraft/Mondelēz) discovered that traditional validation techniques are insufficient for identifying potentially data-corrupting issues such as professional respondents and fraudulence.  That discovery led to the creation of the Duplicate Number® Search.

Through using the Duplicate Number® Search, end clients and their research partners can easily see and monitor whether their research specifications are being adhered to.  Some issues uncovered through the Duplicate Number® Search include:

  • Fraudulence, where interviewers are completing studies and using their personal telephone numbers for phone validation purposes.  These "respondents" usually know how to circumvent phone validation with the right answers or with the use of telephone answering machines and/or cell phones, but can be identified through a Sigma Report.
  • Professional respondents, who intentionally falsify information in order to qualify for an offered incentive.
  • Unacceptable levels of reuse, including respondent households being surveyed multiple times by the same field service or facility on the same day for the same study.
  • Respondent households being surveyed on the same category by the same field service or facility within a short and unacceptable time span based on study screening requirements.
  • Requested methodologies not being employed.  For example, there are mall-intercept studies in which the respondents were obviously not "randomly intercepted," but were either pre-recruited or self-selected.

The Duplicate Number® Search gives manufacturers and their research partners more confidence in the study research findings they are receiving since it helps to verify that their research specifications are being implemented as required. In addition, this technique helps to confirm that clients are not basing multi-million/billion dollar decisions on fraudulent data.

How does it work?

The Duplicate Number® Search is a computerized validation program that provides a centralized database for tracking and monitoring respondent participation in market research studies. It is used for in-person quantitative and qualitative studies including mall-intercept, pre-recruits, in-store, telephone, focus groups, and one-on-ones.  The Repeat Respondent® Search (RRS) provides a similar system for online research.

The Sigma Report helps to identify respondents who do not meet a study's screening specifications based on stated demographics, date of last survey and study category participation.  It can help to identify fraudulence based on inconsistencies in names, demographics, screening answers versus reported history, etc.

How to participate in the Duplicate Number® Search

You can have your research study validated through the Duplicate Number® Search by simply forwarding a completed copy of the Sigma Validation Job Form along with your electronic data file and/or paper validation sheets. Please contact our Client Service Team for a copy of the Sigma Job Form, which includes instructions for formatting and submitting the respondent data.

How long does it take?

Studies can be processed through the Duplicate Number® Search within several hours.  Routine turnaround time is three business days.  Please contact our Client Service Team for a copy of the Duplicate Number® price list, which includes descriptions and pricing for the various priority levels.

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