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SigmaValidation's Repeat Respondent Search is the first-ever third-party computerized validation technique for helping to ensure the respondent-level quality of online research.  Development on the program began based on demand from the research teams at Kraft/Mondelēz, Unilever, Estee Lauder and Revlon; and based on specific input from their most valued online research partners during Sigma’s 2007 Consortium concerning online research data quality.

The platform for the Repeat Respondent Search was modeled after the Duplicate Number® Search (DNS).  This core of Sigma Validation's business was developed over 30 years ago for General Foods (now part of Kraft Foods/Mondelēz International).  Sigma's Duplicate Search programs are now used as standard validation techniques by many consumer product manufacturers, research suppliers and data collection agencies.

Why validate online research?

Sigma Validation's clients are regular users of online research and want the assurance given to them through a third-party audit of the respondent data and the data collection process on which they are basing their multi-million/billion dollar decisions.  Through using the Repeat Respondent Search, the end clients can easily see and monitor whether their research specifications are being adhered to.

Some issues uncovered through the Repeat Respondent Search include:

  • Unacceptable levels of reuse, such as panelists being surveyed by the same panel for the same client on the same day; panelists being surveyed on the same category by the same panel within a short time span, etc.
  • Breakdowns in communication between research suppliers and panel companies resulting in high reuse within a very short timeframe or between two waves of the same study;
  • Technical failures in the data collection process/programming resulting in high duplication within job

The Repeat Respondent Search gives manufacturers more confidence in the online research findings they are receiving since it helps to verify that their research specifications are being implemented as required. In addition, this technique helps to confirm that they are not speaking with the same respondents over and over again across all of their studies and research partners.

How does it work?

The Repeat Respondent Search is a computerized validation program that is based on the matching of respondent email addresses, telephone numbers and/or physical addresses.  A match on any of these three primary variables triggers a secondary match on the respondent’s first name and last name.

An exception report is generated that displays the respondent’s survey participation history based on a match with any one or more of the three primary match variables. For each match found in the Repeat Respondent database, the report shows the interview date, study category (snack, candy, household product, automotive, medical service, etc.); supplier ID, panel company ID, respondent ID, panelist ID, age group, gender, and ethnicity.

How to Participate In the Repeat Respondent Search

You can have your research study validated through the Repeat Respondent Search by simply forwarding a completed copy of the Sigma Validation Job Form along with your electronic data file. Please contact our Client Service Team for a copy of the Sigma Job Form, which includes instructions on formatting and submitting the respondent data.

How long does it take?

Studies can be processed through the Repeat Respondent Search within several hours.  Routine turnaround time is three business days.  Please contact our Client Service Team for a copy of the Duplicate Number® price list, which includes descriptions and pricing for the various priority levels.

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